About Jen

2014-09-23 18.55.33Jen Spencer grew up in scenic Western Maryland and now lives near Baltimore where she spends her time painting and caring for her two young sons.

Jen enjoys experimenting with different mediums but works mostly in acrylics and oils. She spends much of her painting time completing pet portraits and commissions for friends and family, but finds herself most drawn to pop-surrealism and anything melancholy or macabre. Her personal works place a heavy emphasis on flowing swirls and smooth, curving, organic shapes; much of her work includes natural elements and feminine subject matter.

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Jen’s work can also be purchased on her Etsy store, Kitsch Witch Studios. Commissioned work available upon request.

Artist’s Statement

Art is how I make sense of the world. It allows me to both “zoom out” and view the largest forces at work in my life (birth, death, love, time), and also to slow down and closely examine the tiniest details of my reality (the veins in a leaf, the soft hairs on my baby’s cheek, the delicate evolution of shadow to darkness as a summer day turns to night). Art is my meditation.

Art and painting especially, bring me a sense of peace and calm that I otherwise find unattainable. My favorite feeling is that of mental and physical exhaustion after a long painting session. I find a strange pleasure in the resulting cramped shoulders and cleared mind that come with such extreme focused hours in front of a canvas. Just as certain musical tones and melodies can tap into deep emotions I have forgotten or perhaps didn’t know were there, when I am creating, my mind draws back a veil and exposes a level of consciousness I am then free to explore. It’s a place where I can block out the questions and pressures of the world around me, quiet my mind, and have the liberty to “suppose.” Supposition is a seed, and when it is nurtured and cared for, beautiful gardens may grow.